I help clients transform their life issues, for example –

  • physical health – anything from a chest infection to back or neck pain, sports injuries to road accidents;
  • mental health and emotional challenges, such as depression, bipolar, stress, anxiety, OCD and grief;
  • addictions, including alcohol, food and tobacco;
  • abuse – sexual, physical, emotional and mental;
  • learning and behavioural issues, such as autism and dyslexia;
  • relationships, including spouse/life partner and parent/child;
  • health and well being of pets and animals;
  • space clearing for buidlings and spaces; and….
  • pretty much anything with which they need help, including problems at work, neighbour disputes and even impending legal proceedings.

I work with all age groups, including babies and children, and have clients worldwide, as distance and language are not an issue when facilitating change at an energetic level. For the same reason, I also have great success working with those unable to communicate, whether due to a congenital condition or, for example, a stroke or coma, as well as animals and babies in utero. The only limitation is self imposed, either by the client or by me.

How this is possible

The field of all possibilities is the limitless space beyond our thinking mind and physical senses. It is the source of boundless love, light and wisdom; the mind of God, Source, Supreme Consciousness. We recognise it by many names according to our belief model; it is all that ever has been, is, and will be. I facilitate change by accessing this place of pure awareness.

What I do is more than simply “energy healing” applying learned techniques. Aligned with the higher frequencies of spiritual awareness of our complete and whole nature, I see and sense what is in a person’s energy patterns (including beyond the present moment). By interacting with this information, I help them return to their natural whole state. As the energy patterns change, so does the substance, whether that is a physical form, emotion or related circumstances.

I never know what will show up, and I witness it without judgement. All our experiences – emotional, physical and spiritual – are imprinted in our energy field. A physical challenge now might relate to a past experience, the impact of which has remained in the energy field long after the actual incident. By tracking this and interacting with it, I allow the energetic frequency to adjust, creating an opening for new possibilities and shifts in perceived reality. When such a trauma clears, it allows greater resonance in the energy field and so the restoration of well being.

Quantum physics offers various explanations as to why and how this is possible. Those theories are evolving apace and beginning to explain what seems inexplicable. All I really know, after countless sessions on many diverse issues, is that amazing shifts are possible and I am invariably guided to the right place for that to occur.

Whilst there are many forms of energy healing, some of which I have studied, I do not use a toolkit of techniques as such. A quiet state allows me to access my direct connection to Source and be guided from there. From this place, everything is possible; none of the limitations inherent in learned techniques apply. I can “see”, sense, hear, feel and sometimes even taste what is going on in my client’s information field. I believe this is what makes my work so often successful where other modalities have failed.

I use the terms “healing” and “healer” for convenience, as I am not the source of wellness or healing, nor are we ever really anything other than complete and perfect, just as we are. I am simply one avenue for wellness and healing; an opening for Higher Wisdom (God ~ All That Is ~ Source ~ The Universe ~ Consciousness). I offer my presence, trust, and allow grace . In that sense, other than witnessing what shows up, creating an allowing, and responding as I am guided, I do nothing at all. I believe we all have this innate ability; I am deeply blessed to have accessed mine in a way that I may be of service to others.

I appreciate the opportunity to be of service, and look forward to meeting you in the field of all possibilities.

In Love and Grace




It is only with the heart that one can see properly, what is essential is invisible to the eye

–  Antoine de Saint-Exupery

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  1. How much does your session cost and how many would I need . I am on ESA at the moment but doesnt amount to much .


  2. Hi shabnan
    Alweena has suggested I book a session with you. My phone number is xxxxxxxxxxxx
    Please call

  3. Could I please book a session
    Thank you

    • Hi Linda, yes, of course.
      If you are overseas, please book and pay through paypal here https://sublimeheart.com/book-a-session-2/ . You can choose whether you want a single session or a bundle of 3, and the contact form allows you to share some information about the help you are seeking.
      If you are paying by bank transfer, I will email you the bank details.
      Any questions, please ask!
      I’m looking forward to working with you.

  4. How much per session please? Xx

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