I wish One Direction and their fans knew this about drugs….

Jun 192014


Correction, I wish everyone who uses recreational drugs knew this, because it might just shift their perspective that drug-taking is harmless and that they are in control.

When I look at someone who has been using drugs they are usually not in their body to some degree. By that, I mean I see their etheric body has separated from their physical body, and is either unable to re-enter the physical body fully, or remains disconnected from the physical body in some way even when it does.

What I see depends on what they have used and when : they might look like a flickering light, as if they are vibrating inside the physical body, or be so expanded I cannot locate their full expanse. They often appear to be completely outside the physical body. Whilst the physical self might be enjoying a trippy high and feel at one with all creation, what I see after the initial high is more likely to be agitation (at one extreme) or someone comatose (at the other).  What I do not see is a healthy, integrated energy field.

Certain chemicals seem to make us unable to occupy our body fully and strongly. Some parts of the body/self might be more affected than others, for example tobacco makes holes in the field around the mouth whilst cocaine affects the area of the third eye most. However the overall consequence is generally the same: a disconnection between the physical and etheric self.

Why does any of that matter? It matters because our physical, mental and emotional health is deeply affected by the state of our energy field. A tightly connected field keeps out what might be damaging whilst it draws and holds in what we need to maintain a healthy vibration and to allow appropriate communication of our various systems. Every substance we ingest, from healthy greens to sugar, alcohol to prescription and recreational drugs, affects our energy field.

When the etheric body separates from the physical body, we may for a while feel high as a kite, free of physical constraints and invincible. However unless we maintain a healthy, whole and connected energy field our vitality as beings in this physical plane declines.

Some habitual cannabis users will protest that cannabis has not harmed them and, indeed, helps them remain productive. They say it reduces anxiety, and may cite a recent study that suggests crime falls in areas where marajuana is legalised.  I cannot comment on the correlation between lower crime and legalised dope, but here is where is gets really interesting: when I look at the energy field of a cannabis user, aspects of it can look confusiingly similar to that of someone who is bipolar/depressed.

Cannabis users who have been diagnosed as on the depression/bipolar spectrum often cite that mental health issue as one reason they use the drug, it keeps them calm and more amenable. At an energetic level it is not at all clear what came first: did they really have a mental health issue which they are medicating with cannabis, or are their mental health symptoms a consequence of cannabis disrupting their energy system? Are they really helping themselves or are they unwittingly repeatedly recreating the same pattern through substance use, so they will in fact never be truly free of their mental health symptoms?

In fact, I believe this may be one reason why so many young men and women are being wrongly diagnosed with depression at a young age. When they cannot/will not get out of bed or be motivated to study, work or do whatever they need to do to lead productive lives, or they behave erratically, their symptoms are often diagnosed as depression or bipolar. That may well be the issue, but their behaviour may also be the consequence of drug use. And so, very often, there begins a long and complicated journey down the wrong road, to medicate symptoms which are in fact caused by something altogether different. Anti depressants depress the energy system even further and compound the problem rather than correct it. They get caught in a cycle of prescription medication alongside the recreational drugs. The only way to fully escape this cycle is to correct it energetically, and that includes ceasing to use all drugs in the long term, including prescription medication. Sadly, most western health care systems just do not allow for this.

Whilst every drug is different, this is an issue that is going to get worse rather than better, with the wider availability of soft drugs and legal highs. Many have celebrated the wider legal use of marijuana in parts of the US in recent months. It just made me feel sad. The notion that marijuana is harmless is completely misplaced when it comes to the energy field. I cannot comment on the use of cannabis oil for medicinal purposes, as I have not studied the energy fields of such users. However, even there, whatever the issue they are seeking to treat with the so-called medicinal product could in any event be addressed by appropriate adjustments to their energy field, so by-passing the use of the substance and any associated risks.

To anyone who cannot see energy fields and argues drug use must be ok because it is an ancient tradition in cultures centuries old, and shamans in NYC as well as the Amazon continue those traditions, let me say this : connection to altered states of consciousness does not require the use of an external substance. As a part of All That Is, you are already connected. Anyone who tells you that your spiritual awareness will be speeded to a higher plane much faster in this way has likely already distorted their own connection through substance use.

Your energy field is your connection; drug use does not strengthen that connection, even if it is ayahuasca and you take it on a month long supervised trip to the Amazon. It either tears holes in your field or disconnects it and, in doing so, disconnects you as well. I have not yet worked with anyone who has been able to fix their own energy field, without external help, to remedy such damage. The shamans whose whole lifestyle was a context for these practises may well have had their own remedies. The modern interpretations of those traditions are largely practised out of context and from a place of very limited knowledge and experience.

I know this perspective makes me unpopular in some circles who consider themselves more enlightended on such matters. Those who oppose the easier availability of drugs are dismissed as closed minded, ignorant scaremongers. If I were so, my connection to Source which allows me to do the work I do would likely shut down. When I stand in the space of All That Is and connect with another, I am of necessity free of all judgement. The views I express here are based on my direct experience of working with people of varying ages who have used drugs. I used to be quite neutral about the use of soft drugs, but the more I work with those experiencing their long terms effects, the more I am convinced that we are largely ignorant of the havoc they wreak in our energy systems.

Perhaps the day will come when we will all be more aware of our energy fields and what we are doing to them. Until then, I hope young One Direction fans will not seek to emulate their idols. Their parents may also like to reflect on what they have used themselves in the past and how it still affects them – because it will still be having an impact. They may never have been diagnosed as an addict, but that depression or anxiety, that apathy and or that need for a glass or three of wine in the evening, could well have its roots in those younger days of experimentation. This is one thing you never just grow out of, unlike your infatuation for a boy band.


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