Wonder Week


If you are committed to resolving a persistent issue and have tried all sorts without lasting change, or if you are just ready for a massive breakthrough, this is the one for you!

A Wonder Week is an opportunty for deep, powerful shifts. It is a period of transformational healing, as I work with you every day for 7 days. We will be closely connected energetically throughout that week, so even when I am not “actively” doing a session for you, you will be experiencing change.

This approach has proved very effective for longstanding challenges such as depression, bipolar, addictions, grief/loss, relationship breakdown, sexual/physical abuse and weight loss.

You are not required to re-live any past trauma, and the process is gentle, loving and compassionate, whilst being very powerful.

Although we will focus on the main issue you select, the effects will radiate widely through other areas of your life. In fact, I would go so far as to say you will likley feel changes in all areas of your life, to a greater or lesser extent.

Please remember that this is not a quick fix by me whilst you do nothing different in your life! You will experience deep shifts that bring new insights and nudge you to make changes in your life. Unless you are willing to respond to such prompts, you will limit the changes you experience, both during and following your Wonder Week.

I will give you daily feedback, plus a final round up at the end of the week.

Occasionally, I will suggest that the 7 days invested in your Wonder Week should be spread over a longer period. That could be anything from 8 days upwards, depending on what has shown up in your sessions so far. I will usually only suggest this to you if something has come up in a session that needs longer for you to process before we progress further. This actually gives you an extra bonus as during the additional days we will remain closely connected energetically as you continue to process.

Whilst it is fine to commit to a Wonder Week during a normal working week, you will be processing a lot of changes, so choose a period that allows you to take extra rest. Most people find they want to sleep a lot more during this period!

The effects of a Wonder Week typically continue to be revealed weeks and months after the 7 days. It is no exaggeration to say you will never be quite the same again!

This is a truly transformational week, and one of the most precious gifts you will ever give yourself or a loved one.

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