Annual Plan

In response to requests from clients who have enjoyed the benefits of working with me, I now offer a programme to work together on a regular basis. The Annual Plan offers 12 sessions over 12 months, and is intended for –
  • those who have already experienced the benefits of sessions and want to commit to continue with deep work as well as address new issues; and
  • those who will benefit from ongoing support in addressing, for example, mental health issues and addictions.
Often these regular sessions are based around a general “check up”, which is especially helpful in managing stress. However, if a specific issue has arisen, I will address it if you let me know before your next monthly session.Usually the session will be at around the same time each month. Please indicate your preference when you book, for example, you may prefer the last week of the month, or you may opt for the middle of the month. If circumstances arise when you wish to change the timing in any particular month, I will do my best to accommodate the re-scheduling. The following month, we will revert to the original schedule, unless agreed otherwise.These 12 sessions are intended for one person over 12 months. However, you may ask for up to 4 of the sessions to be done for your partner or children instead.

Once you have booked these 12 sessions, you commit to all 12 sessions; no refund is offered if you change your mind part way through. However, if for some reason you wish to pause and defer some of your sessions until a later date, we can discuss how best to do this.

Please go to the booking page to book your Annual Plan.

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