What to Expect


This page helps you understand what to expect from a session, but if you have any more questions, please just send me a message on the contact form.

How I will work with you

I work remotely, meaning I do not need to see you in person. Working at an energetic level, it does not matter whether you are sitting here with me or on a different continent, you will receive the same benefits. I do not even need to speak with you or to see you face to face on skype. In fact, because much of what I do is in silence and in a very deep meditative state, the process works faster and more efficiently without any such distractions. It is a very efficient way to work : you avoid the inconvenience and monetary and time cost of travel and only pay for what I do, rather than the time that would be lost in a face to face session or on skype through chat and setting up and closing the session. Also, I am not distracted by how you appear to be and so am able to go more directly to the issue we are investigating.

When you book the session, if suffices to let me know in one or two sentences what you need help with. If I need more information I will ask you but, generally, at the outset, I prefer less information. That way I am more easily able to look at you with open awareness, free of expectations and opinions.

After the session, I will email you any feedback I feel might be useful, and then ask you to let me know how you are in the days that follow. The price of a session includes that email.

How long is a session?

I dedicate at least an hour (usually longer) to working with you. By the time I email you feedback from the session usually I have spent closer to 2 hours in all.

I may work with you continuously for one hour, or I may break up the session, to allow you to process. So, I might work with your for 30 minutes, break because you need to process, and then pick up again for a further 40 minutes later in the day, or even the following day. I am guided by what unfolds in the session and progress at the rate that best serves you, rather than being dictated to by having booked an hour long session. I address the issue either until I feel it is resolved, or we have reached a natural break. When I give you feedback after the session, we can discuss the way forward.

How many sessions will you need?

There is no way of being absolutely certain in advance how many sessions will be useful. A single session may secure a breakthrough or, for a chronic condition, we may need to work together for longer. That is something we can discuss and plan when you make contact.

When you are deciding to book a session, I offer a number of options, from a single session to bundles of sessions, depending on your needs and objectives. These options are detailed on the Book a Session page.

You are always welcome to contact me if you are unsure what to book, just send me a message on the contact form.

Your “healing” actually begins as soon as you make a commitment to it, so be prepared for shifts to begin from the moment you book your session!

What you need to do for a session

The beauty of what I do is that you do not need to re-live difficult experiences or talk about emotions or issues which upset you. You simply share with me what it is you need help with, and I interact with this at an energetic level.

When I do the session, you do not even need to be aware that I am doing it. I will do the session, confirm this to you by email with any feedback I feel might be useful, and then ask you for your feedback.

After a session, you may feel more tired than usual or need extra sleep (and usually the quality of sleep improves in any event). You may feel unusually emotional, or even light headed. That is all part of the process and it helps to do this work at a time when you have the flexibility to take extra rest and care for yourself.

You do not have to do anything to prepare for a session or during the session. Afterwards, it helps to notice what is different, stay hydrated and take any extra rest you feel you need.

Alcohol and recreational drugs

Please refrain from alcohol and recreational drugs for at least 48 hours before and after your session.

These substances (as well as medication you are taking) affect your energy field. If they are “active” in your system when I work with you, you are likely to benefit less from the session as I usually have to address their effects first, before the issue for which you booked the session. So, for example, if there is alcohol in your system when I work on you, the session will result in you sobering up must faster than usual, but the time taken to do that will take away from the time available to address the underlying causes of the condition you asked me to address.

Please do not change/stop your medication without referral to your medical practitioner.

Combining Sessions with other therapies

To benefit from a session with me, you do not have to stop doing anything else you are already doing for your well being. You might, for example, be having a series of acupuncture sessions. Nothing that I do will interfere with the benefit of those sessions. In fact, the sessions remove blocks to healing and so any modality you experience subsequently tends to be more effective. This includes homeopathy, cranio sacral and bio energetic work, as well as body work and even conventional medical treatment, with many clients reporting new breakthroughs where previously the same therapies/medical treatment had more limited effect.

Having said that, if you are combining these sessions with other modalities, you will be unable to monitor and measure which of them is benefiting you. For that reason, I suggest it is better that when you book sessions with me, for the duration of those sessions you do not engage in other therapies and for at least 2 weeks thereafter. Of course you must continue under the care and guidance of your medical practitioner; what I do is not intended to be a substitute for such care.

What you will experience

Each of us is unique and so also our response to a session. Instant, powerful change is common. You might feel drowsy, or you might feel elated. Your pain might subside immediately, or it may be a week later that you suddenly realise that you are now moving with ease, are no longer snapping at your spouse and have finally cleared the clutter in your bed room! At the same time, you may suddenly enjoy harmonious contact with your previously fractious sibling, or receive an unexpected payment to your bank account. Many and varied amazing outcomes are possible!

We will be working at many levels, so there is always change, even though you may feel no immediate shift, or you may sense something has shifted but not quite know what it is. The conscious mind cannot track all these changes, nor can we predict exactly how and when they will manifest.

Sometimes, these changes may seem unconnected to the session other than being a “co-incidence” in terms of timing. For example, we clear back pain by resolving a relationship issue in the session and the following day you receive a great offer on a property you have been struggling to sell or an unexpected cheque in the post. At an energetic level, it is all connected and there is no such thing as a co-incidence! It is easier for our thinking mind to rationalise such events as simply coincidental, but there is always a connection.

We also have to trust the order in which change unfolds. So, for example, you may come to me with neck pain, and what I am guided to interact with first is your father’s estrangement from his own father which, on the face of it is totally unrelated. I always trust that whatever shows up is the perfect place from which to address the issue. As we address the root cause, the rest will follow.

Welcome side effects!

As well as improvement in the specific issue being addressed, clients report wonderful incidental outcomes, such as –

  • feeling lighter and more at peace
  • feeling happy for no particular reason
  • greater self esteem and self worth
  • a stronger sense of self
  • feeling more empowered
  • improved concentration and memory
  • greater optimism and sense of purpose
  • feeling more able to cope
  • more patience and less easily triggered
  • less fear and more willingness to take action
  • improved language skills, including reduction/elimination of dyslexia
  • better able to relax and improved quality of sleep
  • improved relationships
  • financial breakthroughs
  • a stronger sense of communion with life
  • greater creativity
  • a tidier more organised home as they clear away years of clutter
  • weight loss without any effort
  • breakthroughs at work and with projects where previously progress stalled
  • finding gainful employment and finally being able to hold down a job
  • greater interest in learning news kills
  • less fear of the unknown/new experiences

These effects continue to unfold beyond the time of the actual session. If you have more than one session, the cumulative effects can be truly transformative! One of the most common shifts I witness is clients becoming more productive in their work and finally achieving goals that were previously elusive, often without us ever working directly on their work/employment issues.

Occasionally, after a session, you may experience what seems to be a worsening of your symptoms before an improvement. Some call this a “healing crisis”. It is in fact a symptom of the changes taking place, and will pass. I can help to minimise any such experience so, if this happens, just let me know.

Always expect changes; dare to expect miracles!

Is it possible nothing will change for you?

It is certainly possible. If at some level you are invested in holding onto a particular state, then you might experience no lasting shift in that respect. For example, if being unable to walk far and relying on the help of family means that is the only way you get to see so much of your grand-children, a part of you may be unwilling to get better, because at some level you fear that they will visit less. I can work with you on such issues, but only if that is what you really want and you are willing to address whatever shows up.

It may also be the case that the initial shifts you experience are not in the condition for which you booked the session, but you enjoy other unexpected benefits. For example, you have pain in a tendon and this does not clear fully after one session, but your chronic neck pain does. We have to trust that your body knows best the order and way in which to heal; I cannot make things happen against your higher good!

Working with animals

Mammal, reptile, fish or insect, in principle, I work with creatures the same way I work with humans. I interact with the energy field to allow useful shifts. Usually animals respond quickly and, when there is a close connection between an animal and its owner, as the animal experiences change, often the owner does as well. A full 1 hour session is often not required for pets, so you have the option of booking a 40 minute Pet Session.

Working with buildings and places

Every structure and space develops its own energetic imprint. Some of that imprint results from geographical location, plus all objects, including buildings, attract and hold some of the energetic imprint of those who come into contact with them. Sometimes, these residual energies can become stagnant or even harmful, and it is helpful to clear them in the same way one might physically clean and clear a space. This can be especially useful if you are struggling to sell a property, or if you relocate and your new property does not feel quite right, or you or any family member has had health issues since moving there. You may be familiar with space clearing rituals using herbs and chants, or the principles of feng shui. This is similar, but is completed remotely at an energetic level. It is beneficial for business as well as residential spaces.

When you book a session for such a clearing, I may ask you to provide a drawing of the layout of your property. I will confirm what I require when you make contact, depending on the issue for which you request help. I will also confirm how many sessions I believe will be necessary when you make contact.

Please remember…..

You are responsible for your medical care and well being. I am required to advise you that what I do is in no way offered as a substitute for adequate medical care. It is your responsibility to continue under the care of your primary healthcare provider and maintain any health care which you are receiving.

When you book a session, you are deemed to understand and accept this.



Sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eye

~ H. Jackson Brown Jr.

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