What Fireworks Can Do To The Energy Field Of An Animal

Nov 152016


Mysha loves her food! With her soft-as-down belly full of chicken, she is a very happy kitty! So, if she sniffs and walks away from a tasty morsel, I am alert to something being not-quite-right with her.

So it was after bonfire night. I had supervised her excursions outside closely in the days leading up to 5th November, and kept her indoors on the day itself, yet something still spooked her. Two meals came and went and she barely ate a mouthful. She also seemed a bit listless. This proverbial curious cat usually follows me everywhere (I call her my assistant), but was disinterested now.

When I checked her energy field, sure enough there were disruptions, and the cause showed up as being during the previous day. A few adjustments, a short nap (her, not me), and she was back to inhaling chicken (chewing wastes too much time?) and patrolling the garden as I tidied up for the winter.

As with humans, the energy field of an animal includes an etheric field and, to enjoy well being, this must be fully embodied in the animal’s physical body, with the various layers in tact and the chakras functioning appropriately. When I looked at Mysha I could see her etheric body was partially displaced from her physical body. It had shifted there to find safety, when she felt threatened. Addressing the fear that caused this (the loud bang of a firework) cleared the energetic imprint of that fear in her energy field and allowed the etheric body to return to its correct position.

Another time I have had to make a similar correction is after she stayed in the cattery whilst I was on holiday. It is a lovely place where she is well looked after but I knew as soon as I saw her when I collected her that something was not quite right. As I scanned her, she looked as if her etheric body was perched just above her head, and the cause was around 3 days earlier. Again, the adjustment was relatively simple and her response was fast. By the following day she was back to her usual ninja self, perched on the top of doors and growling at the refuse collection lorry.

I have used the same approach with a variety of animals, including dogs at a rescue shelter. The latter are often very scared, with their energy field badly fractured (sometimes it looks like shattered glass to me). I don’t even need to know what the dog has experienced to adjust its field (although it often shows up). Once the correction is made, the dog usually sighs deeply and relaxes, often falling asleep. When it wakes, the shift is evident from its wagging tail and increased engagement with its environment. It is amazing what a difference that short treatment can make!

It is worth noting that it is not just trauma or fear that can cause the etheric body to become displaced. Foreign substances in the body (such as medication) can have a similar effect. In animals, the most common time I see this is when they have had anaesthetic, although I have seen it as a reaction to a booster vaccination and even the application of chemical flea control. The solution is similar, but sometimes it takes more time and focus to clear the body of the offending substance. I now always check Mysha’s field if she has been exposed to any such substance. After she was neutered, this was incredibly helpful; by the time we had driven home from the vet (around 40 minutes), she was ready for her usual lunch and window sill outlook post, albeit still limping! She still had a headache (which I cleared later), but certainly defied all expectations set by our (excellent) vet.

Obviously, there are times when an animal is unwell and requires more in depth attention but I highly recommend that if it just seems out for sorts, it is worth checking and correcting their energy field. From goldfish to parrot, labradoodle to Shetland, pot belly or gecko, the issue is the same and the response is usually fast. If you have an animal that seems out of sorts, it’s a great place to start. If they need more attention, that will also show up, but this initial correction invariably helps in any event. In fact, in my experience, absent this correction in the animal’s energy field, other treatments/therapies often have limited effect.

I can only imagine how much I would worry about my gorgeous feline companion if I were unable to see what’s going on with her in this way, so I am passionate about helping other animals (and their humans). If you are new to energy work and would like a taster session for your pet, I am offering a special discounted 30 minute first session for only £25 from now until 14 January 2017. It is a great opportunity to help an animal upset by fireworks or otherwise. You can book Book a Session here or send me a message if you have a question.


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