Still Sceptical About Meditation?

Dec 042016


If you are still dismissive of meditation and mindfulness, convinced that it is way too hippie for an intelligent, rational I’ve-got-my-life-together left brainer like you, Tim Parks’ account of his own most unlikely path to discovering the benefits of being still may well poke a hole in the bucket of your absolute certainty.

It’s an easy and entertaining read. There is no momentous transcendent experience, no blinding white light or angelic beings (and not really much of an Ohm to cling to either) but, somehow, despite all his resistance, he stumbles down this unexpected path to recovery after having reached a dead end on the trail of allopathic solutions to his health challenges.

Stick it on your own Christmas wish list or in someone else’s stocking. It’s a good read which doesn’t spare any of the awkwardness of learning to sit still and just breath. Sounds too simple, yes, that’s what he thought too! Yet the reward for his persistence was not just another book worth publishing but relief from chronic pain and a new appreciation of how the mind can hold the body hostage.

“Teach Us To Sit Still” by Tim Parks


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