Nothing is a Random Coincidence

Mar 032014


So now I learn that floriography, the art of speaking with flowers, originated in Persia where illiterate Ottoman concubines used flowers to communicate in their seraglios, as they were forbidden from writing. Interesting, because my name, Shabnam, is of Persian origin and means “dew”.

Pink roses, it seems, symbolise appreciation, gratitude and joy. How absolutely perfect then their appearance in the process of reconnection with self! We increasingly understand the power of gratitude and appreciation, and joy is even higher on the vibrational scale than love.

For me, the symbolism is more meaningful still, given that when absorbed in the process of transformation my state is one of utter humility, awe and appreciation. It is here, present to the unmasked humanity of the other, that I learned what it is to Be Love. I knew what this was intellectually, and I thought I had experienced it in relationships, but now I realise it is here that I first tasted unconditional love. In this sacred space my heart is vast and open, free of all judgement. There is no good and bad, no right and wrong. There is no them and me. Everything just Is, and I appreciate it for no other reason than just because it Is.

This, more than anything, is what makes me return again and again to be of service. Now that I know what I know, I have no other choice. There is no way back from this awareness. I cannot un-know it. I did not knowingly choose this path, nor did I long more than any other to experience such love and allowing. Yet now I understand, really understand, what Hafiz means by the words “I wish I could show you……the astonishing light of your own being”. It is indeed astonishing.

The privilege of being present with another, whatever their experience, apparent victim or perpetrator in our physical reality, free of all impediment to love and allowing for them, is humbling. How to describe in words how awe-filled those moments are, how gratitude floods from the darkest places and joy sings it sweet song as harmony is restored! Being truly connected in that moment to All That Is, vast beyond all measure, and at the same time wholly present to Self.

When pink roses appeared as part of my online experience I accepted them for their beauty without conscious awareness of their meaning. Had I deliberately embarked on identifying and selecting a symbol for this part of my journey I wonder if it would have been this apt! I am reminded yet again that in this intelligent universe nothing is random; Divine wisdom orchestrates perfectly our every moment. Our challenge is to remember that in the minutiae that we perceive as mundane; this petal, this stem and scent are anything but a random coincidence.


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  1. I feel we all are the element… sunshine,air,rain, soil,moon,even storms and snow… let the pink rose blossom.
    At the same time we all are the petal, the stem and its scent….whole universe is created just for this rose…
    Expression of Something Great.
    Enlightened your soul is like the pink rose, Shabam☆
    Love and Blessing,

    • Kay, I so agree! Everything is created for the pink rose and at the same time is the pink rose, as are we all.

      Soon it will be the cherry blossom season in Japan; I look forward to you sharing that most beautiful pink!

      Love and Hugs


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