About Me


Knowing that I can facilitate profound change in the lives of others, I feel a strong imperative to help. However, whereas many healers are aware of their innate healing abilities from a young age, my journey has been rather different, with my own life challenges being the catalyst to reconnecting with my greater self.

My early years allowed no opening for any such awareness. As the daughter of immigrant settlers in the UK, academic success and then professional qualifications were a priority. I studied law at Cambridge University and went on to become a partner in a global professional services firm. Having worked largely from my left brain for many years, I eventually made a lifestyle choice and left the legal profession to pursue my passion for textiles, running a fashion business.

Throughout this time, I studied the mind, consciousness and well being in my search for effective solutions to challenges in my health and relationships.  This was first prompted by a serious head injury whilst at university. I struggled with post traumatic symptoms, and so began my investigation into complementary therapies. My health issues continued during my legal training and lead me to pursue better ways to create and maintain good health and well being in all areas of life, for myself and my loved ones.

My paradigm shift was in realising I could “see” peoples’ energy and information fields, and what is entangled in them. It was the most incredible realisation, yet at the same time it was like coming home to a place I had always known, and hugely emotional. Nonetheless  I resisted doing my “healing” work beyond a circle of friends and acquaintances, and it was only the awe-inspiring outcomes of my sessions with numerous people on many different issues that eventually persuaded me to offer my services more widely.

Whilst I use the term “healer” as a convenient description, I consider myself to be simply an avenue for transformation rather than the source of that wholeness. To me, none of us is every really broken and so in need of “healing”. We are perfect exactly as we are, moment to moment, even though we may feel that to be far from true when we face a life challenge. In this unconditional acceptance of each experience resides the power to reconnect with our whole selves.

Many different teachings have informed my journey thus far alongside my natural intuitive powers. I remain open to all possibilities and, whilst I am ever grateful to many brilliant teachers for what they have shared, I am not affiliated to a specific teacher or school. My commitment is to uncovering and continually refining what works best and fastest. The more I experience, the stronger my conviction that “healing” comes from that place beyond this physical realm and our thinking minds; it is the gift of Grace. All our learning ever really does is teach us how to create an allowing for that mystical experience.

Above all, I seek to be of service from a place of unconditional love and compassion. I am deeply humbled and constantly in awe that I am able to witness those parts of a person that often they have buried most deeply. Thanks to the dear souls who share with me their most private self I continue to evolve. My heartfelt appreciation and gratitude to each and every one; without you allowing me the opportunity to interact with you, I would not be whom I am today.

May we each be a mirror to the other’s perfection.

May your heart remain vast and open always.

May you thrive and know Joy.

In Deep Gratitude, Love and Grace



© 2014 Sublime Heart