How I can help you


Whilst I work on all manner of issues, I have particular expertise and success with mental health and emotional issues, and working with babies and children. Often, the cases referred to me by other therapists are ones where both allopathic treatment and other complementary therapies have had limited success.

Issues with which I have helped include the following :

  • Dealing with grief and loss
  • Anger
  • Stress
  • Anxiety and panic attacks
  • Bipolar, depression, psychotic tendencies and a wide range of mental health issues
  • Compulsive behaviour such as OCD, OCPD and hoarding
  • Post traumatic and post operative symptoms (including car accidents, sports injuries etc)
  • Insomnia
  • Asthma
  • Low self esteem
  • Low energy levels and brain fog
  • Fertility, pregnancy, in utero and post partum issues, including post natal depression
  • Babies and children – a whole range of issues such as persistent diaper rash, digestive issues, birth trauma, hydrocephalus, teething pain, eating and sleep issues, and including development in utero
  • Learning and behavioural issues, including speech and language development, dyslexia, ADD, ADHD and autism
  • Addictions and cravings, including sugar, alcohol and tobacco
  • Weight issues, including weight loss, anorexia and bulimia
  • Abuse – sexual, physical and mental/emotional (working with perpetrators as well as victims)
  • Body pain, such as head, back, neck and joint pain
  • Infections, including fungal, urinary, teeth and chest infections
  • Reduction and/or disappearance of cysts and tumoursRelationship issues, including marital conflict, estrangement from family members and difficulties with co-workers
  • Dispute resolution, including securing a favourable outcome in legal proceedings, disputes with neighbours and business issues
  • Health and behaviour of birds and animals
  • Clearing and harmonising the energy of buildings and spaces.
  • If you are unsure whether I might be able to help, please just ask……..

The energetic imprint of all our experiences (mental, emotional and physical) is held in our energy field. By allowing adjustments in those energy patterns, the body becomes more aligned with its innate capacity to heal, with the consequences radiating into all areas of life. I can see and sense those energetic patterns and, by interacting with them, facilitate lasting transformation of an issue at its root cause, rather than just eliminate the symptoms.

Most energy healing techniques work at a lower level frequency than consciousness and so are limited in their effectiveness in creating deep and lasting change. Whilst I may look at meridans, chakras etc, I do not rely on such techniques. I interact with energy and consciousness at a deeper causative level, which is essential for powerful and enduring change. This may be why I so often succeeded in shifting issues for clients who have already tried many other modalities (includiing energy healing) with limited success.

Needless to say I observe strict confidentiality in all our dealings. You will not be required to re-visit difficult past events or talk about issues that embarrass you. You simply share with me what you need help with and then be willing to notice what changes.

Your role

Your commitment to your transformation and your willingness to change is essential. I cannot “fix” you or rescue you and resolve all your issues without your participation. There always comes a point when you have to be willing to take appropriate action. Thus, I can help you give up an addiction, but only you can adjust your lifestyle to support your new choices. That may mean supporting your commitment to be sober by choosing to socialise with friends away from bars and clubs, or getting enough sleep so your body has more time to recuperate.

Having said that, most clients find that a willingness to take appropriate action surfaces naturally as the sessions facilitate their return to better emotional and physical health. I will interact with you at a very deep level beyond conscious and critical thinking and judgement, clearing deep blocks and allowing new ease and calm, from which you are able to make better choices. Ultimately, you are responsible for the choices you make and thus the path you take.

Beyond that, be willing to suspend any disbelief and be open to amazing possibilities! I have witnessed so many miracles through what I do; expect the same for yourself!

Please remember that you remain responsible for your own medical care. My work with you is in no way intended to substitute your medication or medical care and it is your responsibility to remain under the care of your primary healthcare provider.

The outcome you can expect

Instant shifts are common. Some clients experience an immediate and profound change. For example, body pain or strong emotions clear in minutes/hours/days. Others experience a more subtle shift that they may not even be able to describe, they just know something has changed. Maybe they sleep better or they are no longer triggered by certain people or circumstances, or they notice that they are feeling more centred and calm, and lighter and happier for no particular reason. All their life challenges may not be resolved, but they feel more able to transcend them. Still others might notice no obvious and immediate change at all, and only realise weeks or months later that a particular situation or way of being has shifted or they are better able to handle whatever is happening.

These sessions are very powerful and, because we are healing at a very deep level, their impact extends beyond the immediate issue being addressed. Read more in What to expect from a Session.

Every person is different and so every outcome is different. However, something always changes. Just be willing to notice it….


Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing there is a field. I’ll meet you there

~ Rumi

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