How to Stop Hoarding - Fast

How to Stop Hoarding – Fast

I made a point of tuning in again this week to Channel 4’s “The Hoarder Next Door”, to see if the approach adopted this week was any different to that taken with Alex last week. Sadly, it was the same. I love this programme for raising awareness about hoarding. However, it frustrates me that it makes such a mountain (no pun intended) of dealing with the issue. Hoarding is deeply distressing for both the hoarder and their [more…]

How to Stop Hoarding

How to Stop Hoarding

Anything that helps us better understand mental health challenges gets a big thumbs up from me. However, the latest episode of “The Hoarder Next Door” made me very frustrated and cross. Alex is a sweet and gentle soul from Leeds. He hails from an affluent background and was once a successful photographer. His intelligence is evident, as is the fact that he suffered a significant trauma somewhere in his recent past: his out of control need to [more…]

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