Healing and the Scent of Pink Roses

Mar 012014


Those who know me know that whilst I love colours and will wear pink, I am not a Barbie pink kind of girl. Why then, wondered one friend aloud, is your website so pink?

I wonder the same. The appearance of the website in all its pink-ness was as magical as a healing transformation itself. I chose a website template and then looked for images to make it more personal. I picked a photograph of roses taken on a very happy day out, because often during sessions flowers appear to me symbolically.

So far, so logical. When I uploaded the rose image, I could smell the roses. Yes, really, that deep, heady scent of a beautiful rose, and not just a passing whiff of it – that scent remained as I pulled the website together. I even shook my head and got up and walked away to clear whatever this was, but it remained as I worked on setting up the pages. As I played with the colours, the scent was strongest when I chose pink. When I replaced the rose image with an abstract design, the scent disappeared.

So that is the reason for this pink-ness. Divine guidance comes to us in many forms, and I suspect most of us most of the time unwittingly dismiss the subtle clues that light our path. Not that this was a particularly subtle clue! In healing sessions I often experience a strong scent of flowers as a transformation occurs. I was initially reluctant for various reasons to enter the public domain with a website, but this experience reassured me it was the right next step. Now I trust that when it is time for this bloom to change, I will be directed with equal certainty. I trust that that next step will be equally fragrant!

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