Is Your Etheric Body Making You Feel Disconnected?

Aug 092014


“Many, many of us have left our bodies — we’re not embodied creatures, we’re not living inside our own muscles and cells and sinews. And so we’re not in our power, we’re not in our energy. […] It’s been a long journey to get fully back into my body. And, certainly, what I’ve seen everywhere in the world is that the more traumatized people are, the less connected they are to their own source of strength, their own source of inspiration, intuition, heart — everything.”  Source : “Eve Ensler on How Trauma Makes Us Leave our Bodies and Disconnect Ourselves”

These words by writer and activist Eve Ensler really resonate with me, because I often work with people who are displaced from their body to some degree. By that, I mean that when I see them energetically, I can see that their etheric body is not fully occupying and connected to the physical self.

In more extreme cases, it might look as if the etheric body is pushing away to avoid reconnecting fully in the physical body. In other cases I see the body flickering, like a light, because the etheric body is unable to maintain a steady connected state in the physical body. In all cases, that weak connection with the etheric body disconnects us in the way that Eve observes, and more, by limiting our ability to be healthy and strong.

Our etheric body is essential to who we are and how we are. It imbues us with life and is the link between the emotional and physical body, as well as between the vital body and physical body. It is essential to our health and, when it is not strong and fully connected, our vitality is compromised. When it leaves completely, we die.

I would add to Eve’s comments in a couple of respects. First, it does not take a physical trauma for us to leave our body. Indeed, our rational, adult self may not even see the incident(s) that caused us to leave our body as particularly traumatic. As a child, the threat will have been felt as much greater and most likely we will have supressed it into our subsconscious.

I have come to understand from what I see that we leave the physical body to escape a threat or fear, and that might be emotional. Thus, I have seen many who left their body as a young child, perhaps when distraught at what they perceived as abandonment by a parent who left the family, or when they witnessed violence against their mother and were helpless in preventing it. We literally escape the threat/pain by getting out of our body. It might be in response to a sudden event, or it might be the result of an ongoing situation.

Once that separation occurs, our well being is influenced by whether we are able to reinstate a healthy connection with our physical body. We may reconnect in whole or part if we engage in activities that clear our old patterns and hurts and support an emotionally and physically healthy lifestyle.

The issue for many is that they remain disconnected to some extent for many years, if not throughout their life.  When asked, they may admit to feeling disconnected, although they don’t know why and since when they feel that way. Sometimes it is a feeling in their body or in relation to their body; other times it is about how they relate to others. Invariably it is a sense of being somewhat disassociated, and may manifest as an inability to progress and succeed in certain areas of life, as well as health issues.

This is where I have a second observation on Eve’s words. She comments that the journey to reoccupy her self fully has been a long one.  Indeed it will be for many, because often it is only when faced with a life crisis that we undertake the level of self examination required to clear whatever is holding us in the state of separation. However, this need not be the case at all.

When I work with a client one of the first things I facilitate is getting them back in their body. Until I do that, I cannot help them progress. In fact, it is usually the first thing that shows up when I look at them and it gives me an immediate indication of their state of well being. Typically, they are back in their body in the first session, as we clear whatever caused them to disconnect.

As soon as we are back in our body we feel the difference. The result is usually immediate, a few hours at the most. We feel more grounded, calmer, stronger and more able to deal with what shows up in life. Our body is also better able to heal itself, because it finally has access to this essential part of itself. I am convinced now that the absence of such integration sabotages many healing modalities. Unless the layers of our energy body are connected and strong, we remain susceptible to further health challenges (etc), and fail to resolve the current ones fully.  I believe that is why some modalities give temporary relief, yet symptoms return, because this underlying issue remains.

Once addressed, the change seems to remain unless we suffer a new trauma or a residual aspect of the original issue is triggered. The bigger challenge for the individual is usually how to adjust their expectations, thinking and day to day living when suddenly they feel so much more centred and grounded, often in a way they cannot recall feeling before. That may sound like an exaggeration, but it is common. The shift is profound and fast. Many of us are so used to living with our limitations, we have no idea what ease feels like. When we feel it so suddenly, we may be sceptical it will last, especially if past attempts at securing well being have been short lived. It does last, and it is a wonderful place from which to rebuild well being.

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  1. Like this article. Personal experience to share….. As I recover from severe childhood abuse and reclaim the soul/spirit parts that became “unconnected”, I find I feel very uncomfortable in the physical body. Like there is no more “room” for the energy and whatever is being brought back, as my soul/spirit becomes more whole. Reconnecting to one’s self can be difficult on my nervous system. I have to readjust after each addition to spiritual reconnection to self.
    After reading this, I now know what is going on….thanks.

    • Hi Patti
      Thank you for sharing.
      What you say about “no room” is interesting, because I find that in order to resolve an issue, it is necessary to first clear whatever is holding the issue in place and then fill the space that is created by doing so with more useful resources. If either of those two steps is absent, the “healing” tends to be less effective and incomplete.It is worth taking time over both steps.
      If you are left feeling as if the processes you are using are affecting your nervous system, it sounds to me as if there is something there that you are not fully clearing before you seek to integrate disconnected parts. You will know when the clearing part of your process is effective because you will feel a sense of relief or lightness. After all, you will have literally just let go a burden you have been carrying…

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