Depression and Addiction Steal the Final Nanu Nanu

Aug 122014


How truly sad to wake to the news that the genius that is Robin Williams has chosen to leave this reality. Whilst he entertained us with many great films, my enduring memory of him will be as Mork. Nanu nanu, what a legend! It wasn’t just that he was funny; he had a presence, warmth and sincerity that gave depth to his characters and even made Mrs Doubtfire someone you could expect to bump into. How tragic to have such talent, and yet lack peace to such an extent as to choose to draw a final curtain.

It is sobering for us to contemplate that yet another of those who makes us laugh most lived with the challenge of depression and addiction. Like many dealing with depression, his public persona masked the inner void. So it is with so many, who walk amongst us with a smile and yet fight a very private battle with darkness.

I am reminded now of the reasons I do what I do, regardless of the sceptics and the naysayers whose minds are too closed to consider anything other than the allopathic treatment of conditions such as depression and addiction. I routinely facilitate people out of these states to a more stable place from  where they are able to move forward with renewed optimism and hope. Often I am their last hope, and they may well have low expectations of a positive outcome, because all else has failed or had limited success. My work does not simply suppress their symptoms; it gets to the cause and roots it out. Luckily the effectiveness of what I do is in no way impacted by the sceptics, and days like today, waking to the news that this great man reached a place of such darkness he saw no way forward, renew my commitment to make a difference whenever I can.

If you are reading this and need help, please make contact. Don’t let financial constraints stop you, that can always be resolved. Just one session can make enough of a difference to make the next steps worth taking.

One day energy-based work will be taken for granted. Scientists will have the proof they need and big pharma will try to persuade us they have the wonder drug for this as well. In the meantime, let’s hold a space for the well being of those amongst us who really could benefit from it, as well as those who would be better placed to serve them if only they opened their minds to new possibilities.

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  1. I woke up this morning feeling beaten reflecting on the paralysis of my son, passing of my daughter, unemployed, feeling trapped etc but then I watched Al Jazeera. Women crying out to the world to help. Their homes in rubble. Families wiped out. Bodies of children torn apart. I get visions of the cold heartless face of a racist of the South African apartheid era, relishing every bit of pain he is inflicting. The devil mocking – Where is your God now? Despite all this they repeat – God suffices me!

  2. Zaid, who can ever really Know why what happens, happens as it does. At best we discover a belief model that works for us and brings us to a place of less anguish, and for some that is faith in an Almighty God.

    It does seem true though that as it is within, so it is out there: our inner turmoil is reflected by the lack of peace in the world. The wars will continue for as long as our own raging.

    A heart like yours that has been broken wide open will never be the same again; it will be a heart with so much more space and understanding for the suffering of others. Maybe that is how we learn compassion; we have walked the darkness that we now witness in others.

    And therein lies a key to moving forward : finding a way in which to release the pain and be able to witness it with compassion, without suffering.

    Find one small thing today that brings you some ease, some softening. It doesn’t matter what it is, anything – a good meal, the view from your window, clean water from the tap, a quiet moment in your favourite armchair, access to the internet, a friend’s voice on the telephone…. Then find another, and then another….For each one express heartfelt appreciation and thanks, and so begin to shift your vibration to one that will call to you more of the same.

    One breath at a time, relinquish the struggle, allow new possibilities.

    As you let go the need to know all the answers, Peace will find you.

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