Dec 142016

  Two years ago this little boy had been diagnosed as autistic and could barely stand still let alone sing. Today he loves singing and has rapidly picked up makaton sign language. His mum, Preeti, says – “Thank you so much, for everything. I’m feeling very emotional. Just before closing the shop a mother came in with 2 kids, one with autism, all I could see was how Sidhu [Surpreet] used to be. My hubby just realised [more…]

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Dec 102016

You are probably wondering what’s so special about a video of a little boy vacuuming the stairs. For sure he is cute and it is heart melting that he is helping out, but why share it here? Please meet Surpreet, one of my favourite young men! We first met in Spring 2014. He was a very different child then. His mother, Preeti, and I struggled to have a conversation because Surpreet was so agitated. He was around [more…]

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Dec 042016
Still Sceptical About Meditation?

If you are still dismissive of meditation and mindfulness, convinced that it is way too hippie for an intelligent, rational I’ve-got-my-life-together left brainer like you, Tim Parks’ account of his own most unlikely path to discovering the benefits of being still may well poke a hole in the bucket of your absolute certainty. It’s an easy and entertaining read. There is no momentous transcendent experience, no blinding white light or angelic beings (and not really much of [more…]

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Dec 032016
Lying Prone Reduces Blood Pressure Just As Well As A Massage

The therapeutic benefits of massage are well established, and include reduction in blood pressure. This study compares having a back massage with simply lying prone for the same length of time. It concludes there is no significantly greater benefit on systolic blood pressure from massage than just lying prone, at least for women (the study had only female participants). So, if your main driver for a massage is to help manage your BP, try lying face down [more…]

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Nov 152016
What Fireworks Can Do To The Energy Field Of An Animal

Mysha loves her food! With her soft-as-down belly full of chicken, she is a very happy kitty! So, if she sniffs and walks away from a tasty morsel, I am alert to something being not-quite-right with her. So it was after bonfire night. I had supervised her excursions outside closely in the days leading up to 5th November, and kept her indoors on the day itself, yet something still spooked her. Two meals came and went and [more…]

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Aug 212014
Depression, Parkinson's and an end to Fear

The disclosure that Robin Williams was diagnosed with Parkinson’s is a reminder of yet another reason why it is essential to clear the underlying cause of depression (and indeed any condition) and not just medicate the symptoms. Doctors do not understand the connection between depression and Parkinson’s, but there is evidence that those with depression are 3 times more likely to develop Parkinson’s at a later date (Study Links Depression to Parkinson’s). Whether this is because depression [more…]

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Aug 122014
Depression and Addiction Steal the Final Nanu Nanu

How truly sad to wake to the news that the genius that is Robin Williams has chosen to leave this reality. Whilst he entertained us with many great films, my enduring memory of him will be as Mork. Nanu nanu, what a legend! It wasn’t just that he was funny; he had a presence, warmth and sincerity that gave depth to his characters and even made Mrs Doubtfire someone you could expect to bump into. How tragic [more…]

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Aug 092014
Is Your Etheric Body Making You Feel Disconnected?

“Many, many of us have left our bodies — we’re not embodied creatures, we’re not living inside our own muscles and cells and sinews. And so we’re not in our power, we’re not in our energy. […] It’s been a long journey to get fully back into my body. And, certainly, what I’ve seen everywhere in the world is that the more traumatized people are, the less connected they are to their own source of strength, their [more…]

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Jun 192014
I wish One Direction and their fans knew this about drugs....

Correction, I wish everyone who uses recreational drugs knew this, because it might just shift their perspective that drug-taking is harmless and that they are in control. When I look at someone who has been using drugs they are usually not in their body to some degree. By that, I mean I see their etheric body has separated from their physical body, and is either unable to re-enter the physical body fully, or remains disconnected from the [more…]

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Apr 092014
The Lasting Effects of Anaesthetics

Most of us do not concern ourselves about the lasting effects of anaesthetics. In fact, I doubt it even occurs to us that we might compromise our mental faculties as a result of being exposed to them. If we have a worry, it is more likely to be whether we will wake up at all after (or during) the surgical procedure and just how sick we will be as we recover post-surgery. To a large extent we [more…]

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Apr 092014
What Does Someone With Depression Look Like?

I doubt anyone reading this thinks this athlete looks depressed. Yet, last year, in his memoir Ian Thorpe disclosed his struggle with depression. He is not the only athlete fighting this battle. I venture that we each have in our mind’s eye an image of what a depressed person looks like, and it is nothing like this. I venture also that there is someone in your circle of friends and acquaintances, including work colleagues, who suffers depression [more…]

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Mar 222014
How to Stop Hoarding - Fast

I made a point of tuning in again this week to Channel 4’s “The Hoarder Next Door”, to see if the approach adopted this week was any different to that taken with Alex last week. Sadly, it was the same. I love this programme for raising awareness about hoarding. However, it frustrates me that it makes such a mountain (no pun intended) of dealing with the issue. Hoarding is deeply distressing for both the hoarder and their [more…]

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Mar 152014
How to Stop Hoarding

Anything that helps us better understand mental health challenges gets a big thumbs up from me. However, the latest episode of “The Hoarder Next Door” made me very frustrated and cross. Alex is a sweet and gentle soul from Leeds. He hails from an affluent background and was once a successful photographer. His intelligence is evident, as is the fact that he suffered a significant trauma somewhere in his recent past: his out of control need to [more…]

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Mar 132014
Where are You Hiding Your Anger?

Anger hides in us in many guises. Often it is shrouded in sorrow or regret; depression is a common cloak. Even a sharp tongue and impatience may be clues as to the deeper reality of our feelings. When anger is expressed in the moment that it arises, it leaves swiftly, as it has no need to hide. It has spoken its truth and left. For most of us, such expression of anger is rare. We learned early [more…]

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Mar 112014
Steven DaLuz

The ethereal quality of Steve DaLuz’s work is breathtaking. Aspects of it are so close to what I sometimes see in sessions.

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Mar 112014
Listen From Your Heart

Iyanla Vanzant was one of my first companions on my journey into self. Her fiery passion and insight steered me through those early realisations of the extent of my power over self and everything in my experience. I am sharing a piece from “Until Today” not just because of the clarity with which it expresses a need which we all have, but also because that same discipline of listening from the heart is essential in transformational healing. [more…]

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Mar 092014
Improved Language and Communication in Children

Whilst I did not consciously choose to work with children, I seem to attract a lot of them, which is a joy because they are so responsive and quickly regain their sparkle! The improvements in the language skills of children I work with are exciting. Well, actually, they are amazing! Initially I noticed that language skills improve in both adults and children as a by product of working on whatever other issues I am helping with. For [more…]

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Mar 082014
Pam Hawkes

Pam Hawkes paints the most wonderful evocative female faces. I love the quality of deep stillness in her work, which somehow draws me in to seek more behind what I appear to see.

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Mar 072014
The Hidden Need for Forgiveness

There are some things our thinking mind knows it would probably be a good idea to forgive: the betrayal by a former partner, the indiscretion of a close friend, the casual cruelty of a stranger. We may decide not to forgive, but at least we are aware of that choice. Indeed a whole industry is appearing around the issue of forgiveness. Google, and you will discover all manner of wisdom to guide you. The shelves at Amazon [more…]

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Mar 032014
Nothing is a Random Coincidence

So now I learn that floriography, the art of speaking with flowers, originated in Persia where illiterate Ottoman concubines used flowers to communicate in their seraglios, as they were forbidden from writing. Interesting, because my name, Shabnam, is of Persian origin and means “dew”. Pink roses, it seems, symbolise appreciation, gratitude and joy. How absolutely perfect then their appearance in the process of reconnection with self! We increasingly understand the power of gratitude and appreciation, and joy [more…]

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