Adorable Performance of “Little Donkey” By Child Diagnosed as Autistic

Dec 142016


Two years ago this little boy had been diagnosed as autistic and could barely stand still let alone sing. Today he loves singing and has rapidly picked up makaton sign language.

His mum, Preeti, says –

“Thank you so much, for everything. I’m feeling very emotional. Just before closing the shop a mother came in with 2 kids, one with autism, all I could see was how Sidhu [Surpreet] used to be. My hubby just realised how much Sidhu has improved”.

I am so impressed by Surpreet’s composure and level of concentration. This video really captures his gentle, sweet nature; it is wonderful to see him happy and no longer in distress. This feels like a milestone in his development, with even more progress lying ahead.

Enjoy “Little Donkey”! This moment was captured at home, where he signs and sings along to a video.

You can read more about this lovely child’s progress in How One Young Man is Defying a Diagnosis of Autism and Testimonials


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