Mar 012014
Healing and the Scent of Pink Roses

Those who know me know that whilst I love colours and will wear pink, I am not a Barbie pink kind of girl. Why then, wondered one friend aloud, is your website so pink? I wonder the same. The appearance of the website in all its pink-ness was as magical as a healing transformation itself. I chose a website template and then looked for images to make it more personal. I picked a photograph of roses taken [more…]

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Feb 282014
Depression, Bipolar and Loss of Self

I have discovered working with depression and bipolar clients the importance of replacing the pattern of mental health challenges with more healthy and useful resources. It is not enough to just clear the depression. Depression in itself or as part of a bipolar pattern is by nature all-consuming. When it clears fast and unexpectedly (especially in someone who has tried all sorts of other therapies previously with limited results) there is a vacuum in the experience of [more…]

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Feb 282014
Depression in Animals

Yorkshire folk take some pride in being down to earth and no-nonsense. How is then that the seaside town of Scarborough headlined in the US as well as the UK for all the wrong reasons : medicating its penguins for depression! Mainly it seems because of the recent bad weather – Penguins Given Anti-Depressants. For sure, animals do display symptoms that appear to be depression. Dogs in particular are known to get the blues, for example when [more…]

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Jan 122014
Are you depressed or just sad?

I am not questioning those who are quite clearly depressed. The question is for those who maybe feel “down”, sad, not quite themselves, not sleeping well. Perhaps they have suffered a major life event such as a bereavement, the breakdown of a relationship, redundancy. These are the folks whom practical advice and support and/or an “alternative” approach really can help; they do not need to be numbed from what they are feeling through inappropriate use of medication. [more…]

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Jan 122014
Alternative help for depression - is there a stigma?

It is encouraging that more people are willing to share how depression affects them, as author Andrew Solomon does so eloquently in the video posted below. I respect Mr Solomon for doing what he feels best to manage his depression, however I added the comment copied below the video to the discussion about his talk on FinerMinds. Just as more of us need to be willing to speak up about the mental health challenges we are living [more…]

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